Sales and Marketing

Selected Projects

Produced sales literature.

Wrote marketing presentations for new products and services. 

Created graphics and edited web pages for marketing and Thomas Registry CD editions.

Organized information technology intellectual property seminars for potential clients.

Researched US market for products and services.

Performed market testing in several cities.

Gave sales presentations to executive groups.

Converted stand-alone on-line documentation for engineering product specifications and for product nomenclature from Robo-Help to HTML. Converted reference documentation for a catalog program used by sales engineers from Robo-Help to HTML. Web pages were developed using Macromedia Dreamweaver, Claris Home Page and MS Notepad. 

Wrote user and system documentation for an Access application used for estimating and submitting bids for government projects. Managed a team of four writers on various stages of the project.  

Created quick reference documentation for a mainframe catalog program used by sales.

Wrote a training manual for a system which records sales contacts for customers and distributors. The system was written in C++ for DOS/Windows environment. 

Prepared user documentation and a quick reference guide for a report request system that was used to generate marketing statistics and submit reports for new products. Program was written in CICS for use on the DT Mainframe. 

Created quick reference guides and user documentation for LOTUS software applications designed for marketing support and account record keeping.  

Wrote documentation for a product catalog cross-referencing system.  


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