Finance and Accounting

Selected Projects

Prepared business plan and financial statements. 

Researched and gathered application business requirements for an internal cost accounting system. Conducted end user surveys and analysis. Re-defined business requirements which were to be incorporated into existing proprietary software packages. Researched software to replace obsolete applications. Selected, installed, and implemented software applications to fit the business requirements of the end users.

Wrote user documentation and Robo-Help on-line documentation for a system which keeps record of letter of intent agreements between the purchasing department and vendors. 

Wrote training documentation for a process control management program developed in LOTUS NOTES. The system tracked the project from the initial sale through all stages of production and to invoicing and receipts. 

Wrote user reference manuals for a mainframe accounting system that matches purchase orders and receiving documents to invoices. Manuals were prepared for accounts payable clerks, purchasing managers, and controllers. 

Researched design specifications and wrote user reference documentation for a large system that processes information for various corporate operations: general ledger, tax office, purchasing, accounts payable, catalog division, customer information, order entry, material management, transportation, and general functions. Also created training documentation for the system users. System was developed using the McDonnell-Douglas STRADIS application.

Created a user manual from design specifications for a construction/vendor payment system which kept account of construction projects including information for vendors, contractors, labor, materials, and invoice/payments.  

Wrote user documentation, quick reference guides and flow charts for a profit improvement tracking system created for the Corporate Controller. The system kept account of money distributed for cost saving plans and created reports describing the material returns/losses as a result of implementing the plans. Also wrote documentation for a capital expenditure request program which was used to create and maintain capital expenditure accounts. Programs were written in FOCUS. 

Directed 3 team members on a long term documentation project for an inventory control system which maintained real-time stock inventory, using a combination of Teklogix and DEC hardware. Wrote a 600 page reference manual for the entire system and published it using the MASS 11 DTP system. Created illustrations and flow charts of the system on MASS 11 and MacDraw. Wrote quick reference guides describing how to operate the Teklogix and DEC equipment. Wrote and produced a 43 minute training video about the system. Prepared marketing materials for clients and stockholders which included a high-level overview of the program.